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Pink Christmas Tree Patch (Large/Chenille)

Pink Christmas Tree Patch (Large/Chenille)

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Elevate your style with our striking Large Chenille Patches. Each patch is a masterpiece of intricate design and tactile appeal, adding a touch of vintage charm to your attire. From vibrant florals to iconic symbols, these patches are the canvas for self-expression. Crafted for durability, they securely embellish jackets, jeans, bags, and more, ensuring your style stands the test of time. Discover the perfect patch to make a bold statement and showcase your individuality effortlessly.

Measurement: 7" Wide x 13" Height


(Heat Press/Stitch In/Adhesive Spray)

300F for 10-12 Seconds, Use a Teflon Sheet - [Poly Fabric]

320F for 10-12 Seconds, Use a Teflon Sheet - [Cotton Fabric]


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