Collection: Mardi Gras DTF's

 Mardi Gras, the lively and explosive celebration in France on Shrove Tuesday, is festive before the pre-lenten season. As you know, it's an ancient tradition that fascinates people worldwide. 

It's the ideal time to get in the carnival spirit and become independent as everyone prepares for this live festival. That's where Mardi Gras heat transfer gets into action; it provides an exciting and different approach to meet people who share similar passions and are ready to party.

What is Mardi Gras DTF?

It's a special occasion or get-together that occurs throughout the season, usually in the days before Ash Wednesday. It's an opportunity for individuals to let themselves be bent, dress explosively, and join in some adult-oriented behaviors in a consenting and safe atmosphere.

Carnival DTF Event

Being part of such an event party may be an exciting and lovely experience. You may meet interesting individuals who are keen on the same things you are, experience your sexuality in an atmosphere without judgments, and make lifelong memories. There's something for all ages at HTV Supply collection, no matter your relationship status.

Why are DTF transfers the perfect choice?

Get ready for a magnificent Mardi Gras celebration with our colorful and stunning Direct Film (DTF) transfers! These creative transfers are the ideal way to give your clothes and accessories an extra touch of festive flare.


We provide a unique collection of pre-designed Carnival DTF transfers, including the season's popular signs and images. You may choose the ideal transfer to show your festive excitement, from lively jester masks and sparkling beads to delectable king cake designs.

Easy Application 

Using our DTF transfers is really simple! You only need to apply a heat press to the selected item of clothing, and boom! You have a unique design. No messy screen printing or difficult customizing is required.


Our quality DTF transfers are long-lasting. Because they are strong and won't peel or break, you may wear your Mardi Gras clothing for the season and beyond.


DTF provides an interesting and different approach to exploring your gender identity in a safe atmosphere while celebrating the carnival spirit. It offers something for every person, whether your goal is to have fun, try a fresh activity, or just meet new people. 

So why not join the celebration and spark your inner carnival? Visit HTV Supply now and buy your ideal Mardi Gras screen print transfer.