Collection: Religion DTF's


Welcome to the Religious heat transfers of  HTV Supply, where we proudly feature our specific variety of DTF (Direct to Film) stickers, which are encouraged by religion and spirituality. These stickers provide a way to show your faith and engage with your spiritual side.

Designs for Every Believer

Our Religious Category has DTF transfer stickers that are ideal to different religious beliefs. We have a collection representing faiths, from elaborate cross patterns to encouraging Bible quotes. Whether you're a Christian, a Muslim, or a follower of another religion, you'll find stickers that reflect your values and personal style.


At HTV Supply, we value quality in the expression of religion. That is why our DTF transfer stickers are made from the highest-quality materials, providing long-lasting durability and colorful prints that will not fade over time. Our simple transfer process makes adhering these stickers to your clothing, accessories, or home decor easy.

How To Apply DTF Transfer

To apply religious stickers, follow these steps:

  • Prepare the surface: Check that the surface where you want to adhere the decals is clean, dry, and cleared of dirt. This will allow the stickers to stick better and remain longer.

  • Peel Off the Sticker: Gently remove the religious sticker from its backing, being careful not to damage the design or the glue.

  • Align the sticker: Apply it on the specified surface, ensuring it is properly aligned and positioned.

  • Smooth Out Air Bubbles: Gently remove the air bubbles or folds that may have formed beneath the sticker.

  • Secure the adhesive: Press down firmly once the sticker is in place. Ensure that all edges are tightly attached to the surface.

  • Allow time To set: To prevent the sticker from coming off, avoid touching or repositioning it during this period. 

Explore Supply DTF Collection 

When you're ready to add a religious side in your daily life, come to HTV Supply to see a variety of high-quality religious heat transfers stickers encouraged by religious or spiritual beliefs. Whether you're searching for Christian designs, spiritual images, or inspiring words, our Category has a unique variety to let you express your beliefs aesthetically.