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Collection: Sports Dtf's

Sport Direct-to-Film transfers offer an exciting way to customize sportswear. Sportswear that needs to meet the demands of athletic activity is ideal for DTF transfers because it offers vibrant colors, perfect designs, and exceptional durability, in contrast to standard heat transfer procedures.    

We at HTV Supply provide you with high-quality football or baseball screen print transfers that complement your sportswear while being incredibly simple to use. Our Sports transfers will help you, whether you're a teammate, an exercise enthusiast, or a sports brand trying to create an impression.

Durable Prints

DTF printing uses water-soluble dye-based inks to create fresh, colorful designs. These prints are visually notable and being durable, preventing fading and cracking even under intense use.

High-quality Fabrics

One of DTF's most remarkable attributes is its flexibility to print on a variety of materials, such as cotton, polyester, nylon, and mixes. Because of its adaptability, you could create unique clothing, footwear, and other items for a range of sports. Outdoor activities, including cycling, jogging, and team sports, can also be customized.

How to Use Sport DTF Transfers?

Sport DTF such as basketball, baseball or football screen print transfers are easy to use and get what you want in your attires:

  • Design: Use our ready-made graphic design dtf.
  • Transfer: Press the DTF transfer onto the fabric of your choice using the required heat and pressure.
  • Peel: To reveal your colorful, personalized design, peel off the protective sheet.

No Weeding Required

Unlike other methods, DTF printing minimizes the need for a difficult weeding procedure. A heat press transfers the film, which has the design imprinted directly onto it, to the clothing. This simple technique is a cost-effective option for large orders or personalized team uniforms because it saves work and time.

Visit And Buy Sport DTF NOW!

Are you ready to change your athletic wear? Visit HTV Supply for our extensive Sports Game Day screen print transfers collection, and then let your ideas flow freely.