Collection: Third Grade

 Are you trying to find an exciting way to decorate with your personality aroma on backpacks, attire, or any other fabric surface? You only need to look at 3rd Grade DTF Heat Transfer

HTV Supply has pre-designed heat transfers that are ideal for children and adults who enjoy nostalgia and fun.

Popular Designs

The initial day of school ideas, images of school supplies, enjoyable designs like  school board prints, and inspirational words for young students are classic designs for third Grade. Bright colors, funny fonts, and visuals related to third graders are standard features of these designs.

Benefits of Third Grade DTF 

Teachers, parents, and children in third Grade may easily design clothing and accessories using DTF transfers. Using heat transfer, styles may be made that are bright and long-lasting enough to survive several washings. In addition, third grade DTF transfer allows for more affordable adaptation than alternative printing techniques.

How to Apply Third Grade DTF Transfers?

When applying for DTF transfers, the clothes are usually pre-pressed to prevent wrinkles, the transfer film is positioned, and intense pressure and heat are used for the specified duration. After that, the transfer film is removed, leaving the design to adhere to the cloth forever.

Care and Maintenance Tips

To prolong the beautiful look of your DTF patches:

  1. Washing Guidelines: Don't use bleach products to maintain DTF color and stickiness. Wash gently with cold water. 

  2. Storage: Store the patches in an excellent, dry location to avoid damage and maintain the quality of the patches.

  3. Prevent Heat: The adhesive qualities of the patch may be affected by prolonged exposure to high heat.

Growing Demand for Third Grade DTF

3rd Grade DTF Heat Transfer is increasing, and teachers are looking for innovative ways to explore the third-grade experience. These individualized items allow Children to express their interests, grade level, and school spirit.