Collection: Canelo Alvarez DTF'S

 Want to declare your solidarity with the champion Canelo Alvarez? With our exceptional Direct to Film (DTF) transfers, you can customize your unique Canelo fan accessories with Canelo heat transfers HTV Supply!

What Is DTF?

DTF is ideal for producing customized t-shirts, hoodies, and other items, as it provides lively, full-color graphics on various materials. We have the tools to assemble your idea, whether it's a vintage picture of Canelo in the ring, a personalized fight poster, or something different.

Canelo Alvarez Themed Designs

In addition to the boxer's picture, you have a range of trendy Canelo designs, such as phrases, slogans, or illustrations, that perfectly express the fighter's style and individuality.

If you're a store owner, these DTF stickers are ideal. Canelo logos can help you match the growing demand for outfits with Canelo's personality and provide your clients with fashionable, superior products from the HTV Supply website.

Why Choose Our DTF?

DTF transfers from HTV Supply are the ideal option for the following factors:

Simple Application

Applying your Canelo DTF transfer to the fabric of your choice is as simple as using a heat press. We provide comprehensive guidelines and materials to guarantee a smooth procedure.


We use long-lasting inks to create our DTF transfers, resulting in incredible images.


Create unique artwork with a Canelo theme or select from various pre-made themes.

Canelo Alvarez Ready to Press Sublimation Transfer

Consider using a ready-to-print sublimation transfer if you desire a more beautiful and durable Canelo design. This transfer develops an attractive and stunning print that may be positioned easily onto bright or dark fabric. 

Show Your Love With Canelo Alvarez DTF Transfers!

Visit the HTV Supply website right now to explore our collection of DTF transfers for Canelo Alvarez. Choose the ideal design to illustrate your praise for the winner and show the world that you are a loyal Canelo supporter.