Free Shipping On All Orders Over $250

Free Shipping On All Orders Over $250

Summer Time Blonde Hair Girl


  • W:11in x H: 11in
  • This product works great with light and mid-tone materials and fabrics.
  • Currently only available in large size.
Discount Type Quanities Price
Per Item 1 - 50 $3.00
Per Item 51 + $2.50

Product Specifications

Temperature: 380F

Pressure: Medium to Firm

Press Time: 8-10 sec

Pressure: Medium to Firm

Application Material: Cotton, 50/50 blends, Polyester

  • Since the COVID has come, it is difficult for blondes to take care of their hair because of salons being closed. But now is when they can reunite with their colorists and get brighter, blonder, and bolder. 

    American HTV Supply provides you an excellent opportunity of getting blonde during the summer season. Our product is the best not because of good quality but also because of the reasonable price and practical outcome. This blonde transformation has been rising so much that almost more than 80% of people on Google are searching for blonde hair.

    This has also been seen that sometimes consumers ask about the damage their hair will face after getting blonde, and we American HTV Supply, it is fair to worry about your hair. The answer is that you will do not get any damage unless you follow the instructions. 


    American HTV Supply products work best in all season’s conditions but with light and mid-tone materials.


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