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Metallic HTV

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American Metallic HTV is a sparkling and reflective material that makes any design project pop. This product is easy to apply and comes in many colors of metallic foil for various sparkle.

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Product Specifications

Material Sizes: Sheet - 19.5in x 12in, Yard - 19.5in x 1yd, Small Roll - 19.5 x 5yds

Temperature: 320°F/160°CF

Press Time: 8-12 sec

Application Process: Hot Peel

Cutting: Blade 45 degree

Pressure: Medium

Application Material: Cotton, Polyester, Blends

This vinyl maintains detail well during a low-temperature application, making it compatible with our Rip-Away Applique Process. Add some glam and prestige with designs that shimmer. Our one-step application provides a high-end design that is easy to cut and weed and thin and stretchable.

Material Specification

Composition: Polyurethane Carrier: Pressure-Sensitive Thickness: 63 microns (.063 mm) Washability: 50 Safety: Sheet – 19.5" x 12", Yard – 19.5 x 1ydCPSIA Certified Laser cutter compatible Once handled or laundered, the material takes on a brushed metallic finish.


Additional information

Material Sizes

Sheet – 19.5" x 12", Yard – 19.5 x 1yd, Small Roll – 19.5 x 5yds

Metallic HTV Colors

Melalllic Orange, Metallic Aqua, Metallic Black, Metallic Blue, Metallic Copper, Metallic Gren, Metallic Hot Pink, Metallic Pink, Metallic Purple, Metallic Silver, Metallic White


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