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Flock HTV

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Product Specifications

Material Sizes: Sheet - 19.5in x 12in, Yard - 19.5in x 1yd, Small Roll - 19.5 x 5yds

Temperature: 320°F

Press Time: 15-20 sec

Application Process: Cold Peel

Cutting: Blade 45 degree

Pressure: Medium

Application Material: Cotton, Polyester, Blends

To mirror a design:

Place your mat in the inverted position on your work surface; the shiny side is down, dull side is up. 

  • Cut out the design as usual but before lifting it, try flipping it over with the cardboard backing still attached to weed vinyl. This will cut off any unwanted detail and usually place only lined-up pieces in front of you - so all edges are facing the right way round (unless there was an error! You know what they say - "weeding is half of getting vinyl plaques right!")
  • Heat presses your item using Teflon paper or parchment paper to avoid oil contamination.
  • Press down for 15 seconds at a temperature of 300°F – 315°F, cool and peel off the design in one pull.
  • Your product will be safely peeled away from the heat press when it has cooled.

Material Suggestion:

All products should be made of polyester or cotton. Nylon materials will not work.

100% Polyester

100% Cotton

50% cotton / 50% polyester

Additional information

Material Sizes

Sheet – 19.5" x 12", Yard – 19.5 x 1yd, Small Roll – 19.5 x 5yds

Flock HTV Colors

Flock Black, Flock Blue, Flock Camel, Flock Green, Flock Grey, Flock Ivory, Flock Maroon, Flock Navy, Flock Orange, Flock Pink, Flock Red, Flock Sky Blue, Flock White, Flock Yellow


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