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American HTV Sign Vinyl

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Product Specifications

Material Sizes: 12" x 12", 12" x 1 yd

Application Process: Windows, Crafts, Vehicle, Signs

Sheen: Glossy

Cutting: 45 or 60 degree angle blade


Durability: 6 yrs outdoors

Additional information

Material Sizes

Sheet-12" x 12", Small Roll – 12" x 1yd

American Sign Vinyl Colors

Crack Holographic Black, Crack Holographic Hot Pink, Crack Holographic Lake Blue, Crack Holographic Pink, Crack Holographic Red, Crack Holographic Silver, Crack Pink, Crack Red, Crack Rose Gold, Crack Royal Blue, Fish Scale Lilic, Glitter Multi-Color Random Pattern, Gloss Black, Gloss Blue, Gloss Multi-Color Random Pattern, Gloss Rose Gold, Gloss Silver, Holographic Gold, Holographic Green, Holographic Red, Holographic Yellow, Light Blue Polka Dot Textured, Matte Copper, Multi-Color Diamond, Multi-Color Glitter, Multi-Color Hearts, Multi-Color Pentagon Star, Pink Polka Dot Textured, Shiny Gold, Textured Copper


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